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ASI SalesPro is a customer relationship management solution that you access over the Web. ASI SalesPro helps you to manage all of your company's sales, customer service, and marketing information. It is accessible for PC and Macintosh via all internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. In this training, you will learn how to enter new accounts, contacts and leads! You will also learn how to manage your data using the ASI SalesPro software, and have an introduction to Sales Campaigns!
Session time is approximately 60 minutes.


Thank you for your interest. To set up a training session with one of our specialists, please call 1-800-546-1350, prompt 2.

These sessions are conducted live via a Virtual Classroom. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time while observing the instructor's screen via the internet. A reservation is required so that we may group students of like ability and Internet connection speed, as well as provide the best learning experience for all attendees.