Company Stores: Build Your Site

In this quick step guide you will learn how to build your site.

  • Admin Homepage

    When you are initially creating your site, you can use the site builder and quick launch to get your site up, active and ready for business in just a few minutes.

    Click the dropdown menu in the "Getting Started" section and select your package.

    espwebsites quick launch

    After selecting Company Store, click on Go.

  • Application Toolbar

  • Set Up Your Site

    In Section A, Set Up Your Site, you can create your site address (domain name) and site title in the "Set up Your Site" Section. Do not include spaces, "www." or ".com" in the site address. Use proper spacing and capitalization in the Site Title.

    espwebsites quick launch

  • Site Toolbar

  • Upload Your Logo

    In Section B, Upload Your Logo, you can add your company logo by clicking the "browse" button in the "Upload Company Logo" section.

    ESPWebsites your logo

    The Media Manager will open and you can select an image.

    If the image you would like to use is not yet in the Media Manger, click on the "Upload Files" button and browse your computer for an image.

    ESPWebsites your logo

    You will see a preview of your image in the Logo Preview window.

    ESPWebsites your logo

    If you do not have a company logo, type your company name into the last field in this section. A preview of your typeset logo will appear in the Logo Preview window.

    Click Save when you are finished.

  • Management Toolbar

  • Company Information

    In Section C, Company Info section, you can enter your company information, such as your Company name, address, and contact information.

    Enter Your Company Info

    There is a dropdown for available addresses, which will enable you to use an address entered by any user in your company. Select an address or enter your information, and then use the checkboxes to select which information you would like to display live on your site.

    espwebsites settings info

    After you have finished making changes, click on the Save Address button in this area.

    • Note: You must enter a phone number and email, even if you choose not to display them on your site
  • Company Social Networking Links
    espwebsites settings info

    The last section in the Info tab is the Company Social Networking Links area.

    In the Company Social Networking Links area, you can copy and paste links into appropriate fields. You can add links for:

    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Google+
    • Flickr
    • Your blog

    Click on Save after entering the URL

  • build your site

    What's Covered:

  • Template & Colors

    In Section D, select a Template & Color, there are many templates available, each sporting a variety of features and colors. To find just the right template for your company, you can use the "Narrow Template Selection" to select a template that has the features you would like.

    Narrow Template Selection

    Use the dropdown in the "Narrow Template Selection" section to select the size of the logo you would like to have: Traditional or Large. Then, choose the template type: All or Industry. Next, check the box next to video, social feed, Google map and left navigation for each feature you would like to have included on your site.

    esp websites logo template colors

    Template Preview and Colors

    Each template has preset color schemes available. To preview the template in any of the color schemes, simple hover over the color swatch. The template you have selected is indicated by a large check mark.

    Click here to see a demo!

    esp websites logo template colors

  • Choose Your Font

    In Section E, Choose Your Font, you can use the dropdown to select the font you would like to use on your site.

    esp websites fonts

  • build your site

    What's Covered:

  • In Section F, Advanced Options, you can customize the company store by adding up to ten Product Collections to the homepage. You can also enable visitors to this company store to sign up for a newsletter that is distributed by ASI.

    Product Collections

    In the Product Collections section, you can select up to ten product collections to appear on the homepage. You can just click on the plus sign next to a listing to move it into the selected area.

    Items in the selected area can be reorganized using the up and down arrows or simply dragging and dropping. The minus symbol will remove a product collection list from the selected area.

    Click here for a demo

    esp websites build your site in three steps

  • Newsletter Signup

    The Newsletter Signup area enables you to select whether to allow your customer receive a monthly, client-safe newsletter from ESP Websites. There are two options in this section:

    • Allow customers to sign up for a client-safe newsletter that will be delivered to their email inbox monthly.
    • I don't want customers to be able to sign up to receive a newsletter.

    ESPWebsites news and video

  • Last Step!

    When you have finished making your selections; click on the "Last Step" button.

    ESPWebsites news and video

  • build your site

  • In Section G, Introductory Text and About Us Page, you can add a headline and text to be displayed on the home page.

    Introductory Text and About Us Page

    ESPWebsites news and video

    You can also customize the information in the About Us Page by typing in the About Us section.

    ESPWebsites news and video

  • build your site

  • Video Page

    In Section H, Video Page, you can choose to enhance your company store by adding a page dedicated to just videos. There are two options in this section:

    • Yes, I want to feature a page Video.
    • No Thanks. I don't want a video page for this Company Store.

    ESPWebsites news and video

  • Preview and Publish

    When you are finished making your selections; click on the "Preview Site" button.

    ESPWebsites news and video

    The preview will open and enable you to view your company store before it goes live. After looking it over, if you need to make further changes, click on the Go Back button. If you are ready to go live, click on "Publish".

    ESPWebsites news and video

    After publishing, your site will be up, active and ready for business!