ESPWeb: Product Compare

In this guide you will learn how to compare up to ten items at once!

  • Product Compare

    Locate the first item you would like to compare. Click on the Compare link for the product.

    espweb marking products

  • management toolbar

    The item will be added to the Product Compare will open below the management toolbar.

    espweb adding products to the clipboard

    • Note: To add more than one product at a time, mark the items and then use the Marked Items dropdown. From the dropdown, select "Add marked products to Compare".

    After adding all the products you would like to compare, click on the Compare button.

    You can remove a product from the Product Compare bar by clicking on the "X" to the left of the item. You can also clear the Product Compare by clicking on the "Clear All" link.

  • product detail and quick view

    What's Covered:

  • Features

    espweb compare

    If there are over five items to compare, you will need to scroll horizontally to view more than first five. In the Product Compare, you can select fields to compare. You can use the "Show all fields" link to view all available comparison fields and the "Show only marked fields" to view only the fields you have selected. You can use the arrows for each individual field to sort in an ascending or descending order.

    Additional items can be added from the clipboard. You can remove products by clicking on the "Remove" button. You can remove more than one item at a time by marking products and then using the "Remove" button.

    Mark products from in the Product Compare and add then use the Add button to add the selected item(s) to:

    espweb compare

  • Order Quantity Box

    You can type a quantity in this box that will show the accurate prices in the list price and net cost rows. If the item is not available in the quantity you entered, that criteria will be greyed out in the Product Compare.

    espweb adding products to the clipboard