Preferred Suppliers: Creating A New List

In this guide you will learn how to create a new list of preferred suppliers in the Preferred Supplier & Notes Admin.. To begin, use the menu below.

  • Creating A List

    The first step to incorporating preferred suppliers into your ESP is to create a list. To do this, click on My Applications and select Preferred Supplier & Notes Admin from the dropdown.

    In the List Manager area, click on the Create a Preferred Supplier List button.

    A small window will open where you can name the list. After you have finished entering the list name, then click on the Create List button. 

    At this time, your list is published, although we have not added any suppliers or assigned users to it.

  • Adding Suppliers

    Once you have created a list, you will need to add suppliers. To search for suppliers by ASI number, supplier name or linename, just start typing in the Add Supplier box and then click on the magnifying glass icon. You can also use the guided navigation to sort through suppliers using the available criteria.

    You are able to add suppliers one at a time by clicking on the “+Add” button at the end of the supplier listing. You can also add multiple suppliers at one time by using the checkbox to select suppliers and then clicking on the “+Add” button above the listings.

  • Another way to create a list of suppliers and their ratings, you are able to do so by importing a .xlsx file. To import a file, click on the Import List link.

    For an easy and successful import, create your Excel document with two columns titled: ASI # and Rank. There is a template available for your use, just click on the “Click here to download template” link.

    After you have created and saved your .xlsx file, click on the Import Excel File button, browse your computer and open the file. Then, enter a name for your list in the List Name box. Lastly, click on the Create List button.

  • Assigning Users

    To add users, click on the “0 users” link. All of the users in your company will be available in the list. You can search for users using the search box and also can sort by ASI number, company name, user name and assigned status.  If you have a large number of users to assign, you can show up to 100 users per page. You are also able to mark users using the checkbox and then click on the “+Add” button above the listings to select specific users. Furthermore, you are able to add users individually by using the “+Add” button at the end of the user listing.

    Lastly and a new very important feature, to apply this list to any newly licensed ESP user in your company, simply click on the checkbox labeled “Automatically assign this list to all users in my company”. This will ensure your future ESP users get the list automatically.

  • Publish to ESP Websites

    The Websites link enables you to select if you would like to display this preferred suppliers list on your ESP Website or a Company Store. To show your preferred suppliers on any ESP Website or Company Store within your company, you can use the "+Add" button to add sites one at a time or use the checkbox to select sites, then click on the "+Add" button above the listings.