ESPWeb: Using the Advanced Search

In this guide you will learn to locate products using the available advanced searching fields. To begin, use the menu below.

  • advanced search

    There are two ways to get to the Advanced Search page:

    • Click on the "Advanced Search" link below the Quick Search button.
    • Click on "Searches" and select "Find a Product" from the dropdown.

    espweb using the quicksearch

  • product advanced search

    In the top portion of the Product Advanced Search, there are four boxes: ALL of the words, ANY of the words, Exact Phrase, and Exclude these words.

    espweb advanced quick search

    ALL of the words(AND)

    The ALL of the words is a logical "AND" search, meaning that all the words that are searched must be in the product's details. For example, if you entered "c handle ceramic blue mug", every product in the search results would need to have all those search terms in its details.

    ANY of the words (OR)

    Next let's review the ANY of the words search which is a logical "OR" search, meaning that any of the words that are searched could be in the product's details.

    Exact Phrase

    The Exact Phrase search enables you to enter a series of words in this box that will result in items that include these specific keywords in this order. A great example to show you the power of the Exact phrase search is to use Free Set Up in this field. When you search using "free set up", each of these products will include the phrase "free set up" - on their product detail page.

    Exclude these words

    The Exclude these words will enable you to enter words which you want excluded from the search results. So for example, let's say we wanted to search for a travel mug and we want to see many choices but none that were made of ceramic. Note: Exclude these words only work with the All and the Any of the words search.

  • additional criteria

    In the Additional Criteria section, select if the price range is the Price, Net Cost, or Profit and then enter the Price From, Price To and a Quantity.

    To the right of the price search, is the supplier location and production time search. Type the state, province, region, or country you are looking for. The options shown will enable you to search for state or province without a country or region and vice versa.

    Some examples of regions would be Mid-Atlantic, New England, Pacific, Northeast, etc.

    Also located here is the Production Time/Rush Time. If you know you will need the item in a certain number of working days, just type that number in this box.

    espweb advanced quick search

    • Note: Typing in a value in the product time box means you are searching for the standard production time. If you check the "rush time" box, the results will include suppliers who have both a standard and a rush production time in the number of days entered.
  • product options

    In the Product Options section we can type in one product number to search; or use commas to search for multiple item numbers (for example: 101,102,103).

    To the right of product number, there is a field for ASI/Supplier Name/Linename. Type in an ASI number, supplier name, or linename, and then the matching results will appear.

    espweb advanced quick search

    The next search field is category. Start typing the category you would like to use and the available categories will display. The application does a letter for letter partial match of the information we type. Make sure you select or click on the category to use it in your search.

    Next to Category, the tradename search works the same way. Trade names are also commonly referred to as Brand Names. Type in all or part of a specific tradename and you will see the matches appear below where you have typed. Click on the tradename you want to use from the dropdown menu.

    There are also search fields for: Color, Imprint Method, Material, Shape, Size, and Theme. Enter values in any of these fields to show a menu of available options to include in your search.

    The Product Options checkboxes make it quick and easy to select criteria. Placing a check next in one of these boxes will ensure your results have only results classified with the checked criteria.

  • supplier rating/preferred supplier

    The final section is where the supplier rating and preferred supplier options are located.

    espweb advanced quick search

    The preferred supplier rank section enables to you to check which level of preferred suppliers you would like to include in your results. Mark one level, or mark multiple levels. Clicking in the different levels will only show results from the selected rank, all other results will be hidden.

    • Note: Preferred suppliers are set up by your company, not ASI.

    If you need to clear all the search fields, click on the Reset button. After you have entered all of your criteria, click on the Search button.