ESP Website Features: Custom Products

In this quick step guide you will learn how to edit, and create your own custom products.

  • Features Menu

    To access the custom products area, click on Features and select Custom Products.

    ESPWebsites Features Create Select A Searches

  • Search Custom Products

    In the Custom Products area you can do a Search for existing custom products, and edit a custom product thats in progress or needs updating.

    ESPWebsites Features create select a searches

    We can also Create a New Custom Product by clicking on the "Create New Custom Product" button.

  • Create New Custom Product

    To create a new product, we can click on the "Create New Custom Product" link below the listing of existing custom products.

    ESPWebsites Features custom products

    Product Information Form

    A blank product form will open for you to fill in the product's information. There are five required fields:

    • Product Name
    • Summary
    • Description
    • Base Pricing
    • Category

    You can also upload your own image, create a product number, and include any information you wish.

  • Data Entry Points

    There are five total sections in which you can enter data.
    * Annotates a required field

    • Product Description
      Product Name* , Product Number* , Product Image, Summary*, Description*
    • Product Attributes
      Category* , Color, Material, Size, Shape, Product Options
    • General Information
      Production Time, Rush Time, Country of Origin, Safety Warnings
    • Imprinting Information
      Imprint Method, Imprint Charges, Imprint Color, Imprint Size, Additional Colors/Locations, Imprint Options
    • Packaging/Shipping
      Packaging, FOB/Shipping Point, Shipping Weight
  • Adding Properties

    To edit or add options for attributes (such as color, size, production time, etc), use the add link below the box for the feature. For example, to add a color, click on the plus sign "+" to edit/add additional colors. Click here for a quick demo.

    espwebsites features custom products

    On the pop out window "Add Color", under Select Color, there is a drop down menu with thousands of colors; starting by typing in a color to see if it is available. You will also get similar options when you start typing in a color, i.e. blue brings up light blue, navy blue, royal blue, etc.

    espwebsites features custom products

    Select your color from the dropdown, then click on the "Save & Add More" button to add additional colors or "Save & Close" if you are finished adding colors.

  • Grouping Products

    In addition, you can also group your custom products.

    For example, if you were creating a T-shirt and have several different sizes that require different pricing, you can still have it listed as one product. Add your sizes, then, add base pricing to each individual size using the dollar sign icon. This means that you are creating one product, but each size will have its own pricing.

    espwebsites features custom products

    This means that you are creating one product, but each size will have its own pricing.

    espwebsites features custom products

  • Save and Publish

    espwebsites features custom products

    To save your work, click on the "Save Update" button beneath the quick links on the left hand side.

    If you are finished entering all of the data for your custom product and are ready to make it live in the ESP Websites database, click on "Save and Publish" button.

    It may take overnight for the product to be available in searches on your ESP Website.