ESP Websites Dashboard: My Customers

In this quick step guide you will learn how to review all of your customers and their information.

  • My Dashboard

    To access the customer information for your ESP Website, select My Customers from My Dashboard.

    espwebsites my dashboard

    This will open your customer manager, where you will see a list of all of your customers.

  • My Customers

    Click on a customer's name to open the customer detail area and manage that customer's information.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers

    There are five tabs on which you can complete: Address Info, Additional Info, Payment Info, Order History and ESP Websites info. The only required field is the customer's name.

    Address Info Tab

    In the Address Info Tab, you can enter information about the company and also about the individual customer.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers

    Additional Info

    The next tab in the Customer Detail area is the Additional Info tab. In this section, you can assign the sales representative from your company to this customer. Use the drop down list to select the name of the representative you would like to assign.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers

    • Note: The Sales Representatives which are available in the drop down menu are other users under your ASI number.
    Payment Info

    The third tab in the Payment Info tab. In the Payment Info tab, you can enter credit limits for your customer as well as payment methods, sales tax information, and billing instructions.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers

    Order History

    In the Order History Tab, you can also see a list of every order you have ever had for your customer by clicking on order history.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers

    ESP Websites Info

    The final tab, ESP Websites Info, is where you are able to manage a customer's ESP Website information. You can see their username, website name and the website domain name where the customer created their account.

    While there is a password box available, you will not be able to see the customer's password. The password box enables you to reset your customer's password if they are unable to recall it. There is also a checkbox for "Login is Active".

    Click on Save when you are finished making changes.

    espwebsites my dashboard my customers