ESPWeb: Product Detail View

In this guide you will learn about the features on the Product Detail view. To begin, use the menu below.

  • detail view

    The Detail View provides you with all the information about that product and supplier. If you are looking for more information on the Summary, Quick or Tile views, please review the Summary, Quick or Tile Views Quick Step Guide.

    How do I access the Product Detail View?

    Clicking on the product name or product number in the Summary or Tile view will bring you to the Detail View.

    espweb  detail views

    At the top left of the details page, you see the image and to the right; the item's name, product number and tradename are listed. This is followed by the description, catalog page with link if available, and the Add to Clipboard button and the Add to Compare button.

    In the next section (the grey section) all of the pertinent supplier information, including ratings and contact information is available.

  • product/pricing information

    What's Covered:

  • Product Information

    A list of all available information regarding production time, rush service, rush time, FOB point, shipping weight, made in USA, marketing policy and product safety warnings.

    espweb detail view

  • Pricing Information

    Below the product information, you will see the price grid, which contains list price, net cost and profit. The discount codes are shown as well as the Add to Shopping Cart button for ESP Orders subscribers.


    Why do I see multiple price grids?
  • Product Detail Video

    The product video is located to the right of this information. Just click on the thumbnail and the video will pop open and begin playing!


  • additional options

    To view additional information about the product, expand the "Click here to view additional product options and charges" section.

    All product information, such as colors, sizes, product options, imprinting information and any additional charges will be available in this section.

    espweb detail view

    Some products contain multiple price grids because the price of the item is dependent on a specific feature. While the product information mainly is the same, such as the image, description, imprinting information, and packaging options, if you want the product in two days, it will cost you more than a longer production time.

  • configure product

    To the left of the image, there is a configure product area.

    espweb detail view

    In this area, all of the product options that have choices are available, meaning if we click here on Silkscreen days, the only information that will be displayed relates to that option.

    You can also return to all options at any time by unchecking the option to remove your selected criteria or you can click on the clear all to return to the full details of the item.

    Why do I see multiple price grids?