ESPWeb: Summary, Quick & Tile Views

In this guide you will learn about three of the viewing options for your search results. To begin, use the menu below.

  • summary view

    The default results display is the Summary View. For more information on the Product Detail View, please review the Product Detail Quick Step Guide.

    espweb  summary quick and tile views

    On the Summary view, you can navigate through the results by page and choose to view from 20 to 100 items per page.

    You can also choose how to sort your results:

    Default Cost: Low to High Supplier Name Product Name
    Price:Low to High Cost: High to Low Supplier Rating Product Number
    Price: High to Low Preferred Rank Canadian Pricing Confirmed Product
    Profit ASI Number Canadian Suppliers New Product
  • On each product listed, you will see a thumbnail image, list and net prices for the minimum quantity or the quantity you searched, Supplier Name and their ASI Number and rating. If the supplier has been designated by your company as a preferred supplier or has notes attached, you will see the denotation next to the supplier’s ASI number.

    Under the product image, there may be a wand icon. The wand icon indicates that this product is virtual sample enabled, meaning that you can apply your logo or create a blank product. For more information on creating virtual samples, please review the Creating and Using Virtual Samples Quick Step Guide.

    espweb summaryIf the product information has been confirmed by the supplier as accurate, you will see the confirmed logo next to the item. If the product is a new product, it will have the "new" flag on each view. A "new" product is an item that has been part of the supplier's inventory for six months or less.

    Clicking on the Product Number or Product Name will display the product in the Details view. For more information on the Detail View, please review the Detail View Quick Step Guide.

    You may see a product that is highlighted as Most Popular in your search results. These are the most clicked on products for specific suppliers.

    You also have the "add to clipboard" link, which will add the item to your clipboard. For more information about the clipboard and how to use it, please review the Using the Clipboard Quick Step Guide.

    You also have the “Compare” link, which will add the item to your comparison assistant. For more information about the product comparison assistant and how to use it, please review the Using the Product Comparison Quick Step Guide.

  • quick view

    Two additional features that are provided for you are the large image and the quick view. Both can be accessed by hovering over the thumbnail image.

    espweb summary

    Click on the Quick View link, which at a glance gives the Supplier Contact information, Description, product number, and pricing.

    At the bottom, there are up to four buttons:

    • Create a Virtual Sample (only present on virtual sample enabled products)
    • Add to Compare
    • Add to Clipboard
    • Full Details

    espweb summary

  • tile view

    The Tile View displays the products as tiles on the screen with thumbnail images, ASI numbers and List prices. You can still view the large image and access the Quick View by hovering over the thumbnail. You can click on the “Add to clipboard” link in this view to add this product to the Clipboard or click on Compare to move to Product Compare.

    Most Popular items will display with an orange box around the product and a small start in the upper right corner of the product listing.