ESP Website Settings: Site Password & Exclusion Lists

In this quick step guide you will learn about password protecting your site, and excluding product lists.

  • Site Password

    To access site settings, log into your ESP Website™ admin. Then, select your site from the ESP Websites dropdown menu and click on "Settings" from the Management toolbar.

    ESPWebsites settings display options

    In the Site Password tab, you can set up a password that visitors to your site must type before they will be able to view your site.

    To enable this function:

    • Check the "Enable Password Protection" box first
    • Enter text in the "Password Prompt Text" box.
      The "Password Prompt Text" will be displayed above the password box. You can personalize this text for your company.
    • Type the password for your site in the password box
    • Click on Save when you are finished

    espwebsites site password

  • Exclusions

    In the Exclusions tab, you are able to exclude already created lists of products from your ESP Website. These lists need to be created in the Features area prior to being selected for exclusion.

    Don't know how to set up an exclusion list? No problem, click here to review the Exclusion List Quick Step Guide.

    After you have created and saved your exclusions lists, you can:

    • Have all lists excluded by using the double right pointing arrow
    • Select individual or groups of lists, highlight desired lists and use the single right pointing arrow pointing
    • Remove all lists from search-exclusion by using the double left pointing arrow
    • Remove individual lists or groups of lists by highlighting the desired lists and using the single left pointing arrow.

    espwebsites settings exclusions

    When you are finished, click on the Save button.