ESP Websites: Navigating The Admin

In this quick step guide you will learn how to navigate the ESPWebsites admin.

  • Admin Homepage

    After you have published your site, you are able to make changes at any time. To access the ESP Websites admin, log into ESP Web, then select ESP Websites Admin under My Applications.

    On the ESP Websites Admin Home page, there are three toolbars:

    • The Application Toolbar
    • The Site Toolbar
    • The Management Toolbar.

    Let's look at each in detail.

    esp websites navigating the admin

  • Application Toolbar

    espwebsites navigating the admin

    The Applications Toolbar contains four sections:

    • A text greeting: "Hello, FIRST_NAME"
    • My Applications: Enables you to access other applications for which you have a license, such as My Dashboard, ESP Web, ESP Orders, etc.
      esp websites navigating the admin
    • My Account: Provides access to the Manage My Account area where you can update your user account, as well as the access to the log off options.
      esp websites navigating the admin
    • Help: Links to the FAQs for ESP Websites, Product Support and the License Agreement you signed electronically when you first logged in.
      esp websites navigating the admin
  • Site Toolbar

    espwebsites navigating the admin

    The Site Toolbar contains four sections:

    • My ESP Website dropdown menu: Displays all your current ESP Websites/Purchase New license option. You must select a site from this dropdown for the rest of the links on this toolbar to become active if you have more than one site.
    • View Live: Displays your site as a client would see it.
    • Preview: Displays a preview of your site. This means if you have made changes to your site and have not published, you will want to use the Preview link to see how any changes to your site will look after you the site has been published.
    • Publish: Makes any changes you have made in the administrative section of your site live.
  • Management Toolbar

  • Management Toolbar

    espwebsites navigating the admin

    The Management Tool Bar contains five sections

    • Home: This button will return you the ESP Websites Admin home page. (You can also click on the ESP Websites logo in the upper left hand corner).
      The Home section contains "Top News" which is powered by Counselor® magazine. Next to "Top News", there is the "Get Started" section, where you can set up a new ESP Website. Below the "Top News" and "Get Started" sections are the video tutorials. The four tutorials are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you manage your site.
      At the bottom of the Home section, there are links to four areas:
      • Have Questions – Click on Product Support for assistance from our Product Support department or click on Feedback to ask a question or make a suggestion.
      • ASI Store – Click on any of the links to view information regarding purchasing that application.
      • Community – ASI's social media links.
      • Company – Information about ASI, recent press releases, job opportunities and how to contact us.
    • My Dashboard: This is your ESP Websites information hub. In this section, you will have access to customer information, receive company info requests, orders, Google Analytics© and Visitor Activity Reports.
    • Design Studio: This section is where you can edit the look and feel of your site, as well as customize the content and various sections. In this section, you can upload a company logo, as well as edit your site's template, color, or site font. You can also manage your site's navigation, home page text, content, and company information.

      This section is also where you are able to customize certain sections of your site, such as the Product of the Day, Banners, and Product Collections. This is also the section where you can access the Advanced Design options.
    • Features: In this section, you can create and manage Select-A-Searches, the Media Library, the Coupon Manager, Custom Products, the Content Library and Exclusion Lists.
    • Marketing Tips: This section enables you to access tip for your social media, email marketing, and advertising ideas from industry experts.
    • Settings: This section enables you to access the general information and settings for your site, as well as enable eCommerce and Display Options. This area is also where you can update Meta Tags and Analytics , as well as update and add Domain Names You can also apply a Site Password or Exclusion Lists.